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When Alusett was founded in the mid-sixties, it developed and marketed what was then one of the first modular fair construction systems.
That revolutionary idea – using standardised, freely combinable elements – and the economies it brought quickly transformed the face of fairs and trade shows the world over. For the first time, fair participation – then, as now, one of the most effective marketing tools – was put in the reach of mid-sized and smaller companies. This was the key factor in the rapid growth the fair sector experienced in the years following.

Naturally, fair construction did not remain the system’s sole application for long – shopfitting, museum interiors, display cases and many other fields and accessories were soon added.

Alusett evolved continously throughout the decades, putting new design options and functional solutions at customers’ disposal and updating the overall look. Universal construction systems, like Alusett, proved to be adaptable and timeless over the years, outstaying short term fabs in fair construction time and again.

By carefully studying the market and keeping in dialog with its customers, Alusett will continue to offer builders a wide scope for modern and diverse design with unchanged and unmatched economy.

A highly economic construction system with a track record of decades, with a connection solution that has evolved to the highest degree of ease-of-use, reliability and toughness. Environmentally conscious by using extruded aluminum, whose high energy cost at production is more than made up for by long product life, low weight (reduced emission during transport) and complete recyclability.

Aside from a large network of customers in Germany and the EU, Alusett is in contact with partners and users in countless states all over the world, making it a truly global product – a trait we are constantly working on expanding.


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